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Art in the Park: Home


Welcome to Art in the Park. Home of the Lalo Guerrero School of Music. We are devoted to supporting and enriching the families of Highland Park and Los Angeles, through music and creativity. Art in the Park is a non-profit organization (501c3) that provides free music lessons to the children of the Northeast Area which is an underrepresented area with a very high percentage of high school dropouts. Our program of music gives the children (8- 18) the opportunity to acquire discipline, good habits and high self esteem through learning to play an instrument, practicing at home, and performing in front of large audiences. The connection between music and school achievement is well known and we base our approach on this. The school's mantra is "Kids+Music=College". Besides just teaching music and performing, we have college counselors come and advise the families about courses, colleges and financial aids. Art in the Park was started about 15 years ago and at that time we only provided art and painting classes. Around 2002 we started the Lalo Guerrero School of Music, named after Lalo Guerrero, known as the father of Chicano music. He actually visited the school, taught some of the teachers his philosophy with respect to music and participated in some of the children's concerts. Currently, we have 40-50 students taking guitar, bass, drums and Latin percussion, trumpet, choir, Hip Hop dance and stage performance. Our students have performed in large festivals, for the REDCAT, schools, and small recitals. We are in partnership with the CalArts CAP program. Our teachers are primarily college graduates and professional musicians and they also serve as role models for our students.